Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre Bischoffsheimlaan 39 4c Brussels Belgium
Emotional and Social Intelligence Workshop

Today, we speak more and more about Emotional and Social Intelligence (E&SI) as being an important factor of "success" in life. Definitively, it is! And definitively you can improve it!

In this short introduction to E&SI you will clarify your concept and complete your knowledge in this large area.

You will move through the 9 competencies composing E&SI.
You will link E&SI to other forms of intelligence, like the famous IQ, and the emerging Spiritual Intelligence.

This workshop will be interactive and allow you to self-assess your E&SI, where and  how you can further develop it in your private and professional life.

The evening will be facilitated by Jean Debrosse, Jean works with Teams and Organisations, Transforming Individuals,
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