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Consciousness & Climate Change - Responsible Leadership

Lasting change starts with the individual - with a change in consciousness.  Nature is now demanding of us as individuals, businesses and governments to change.  We invite you to explore with leaders in their field the necessary shift needed for a positive transition to take place.

What are the characteristics of a consciousness which nurtures sustainable decisions, behaviour and leadership, in contrast to material and fragmented mindset?

What fosters a new more sustainable consciousness, attitude and lifestyle?

Each of our panel are leaders in their own fields but they also use meditation and reflective practice in their daily life to deal with the many challanges they face. 

Sonja Ohlsson, International Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative
Anders Marvik, Vice President EU Political Affairs Office at Statoil
Eleana Arene Ghiringhello, Country Representative ASHOKA Belgium

The evening will be facilitated by Julie Nazerali.  Julie is a leading EU lawyer.

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